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Video: What can AI do for the Humanities and Social Sciences? Methods, Ethics, and Epistemologies Across Disciplines (Virtual Seminar, Sep 9, 2020)

Event recorded on Zoom on the 9th of September 2020. Invited speakers: Jan von Bonsdorff at the Department of Art History David Sumpter at the Department of Information Technology Anna-Sara Lind at the Department of Law (not in the video) Fredrik Wahlberg at the Department of Linguistics and Philology Artificial Intelligence has been trending in […]

Video: Death in a Digital World (Virtual seminar, Sep 4, 2020)

Virtual Seminar recorded on Zoom, 4th September 2020. Also check out the blog post by Yannick! Death in a Digital World: the (re)construction of a Bronze Age tomb from Ayios Vasileios, Greece, using Virtual Reality Speaker: Yannick de Raaff (presenter); project with Sofia Voutsaki, Theo Verlaan, Gary Nobles, with help from the Reality Centre at […]